2017 MFLN Virtual Conference

Save September 26-29 to join the MFLN for a free Virtual Conference on “Learning through Change.”

Change is hard!  Do you feel change accelerating in your professional or personal life? Do you thrive on workplace change? Join the Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) Virtual Conference to learn how to ADAPT to change, GROW your understanding of your capacity for change, and THRIVE as you connect with colleagues facing similar challenges.

The MFLN Virtual Conference is a free four-day virtual learning and networking experience for professionals working with military service members and their families.

Topics Covered

Conference keynotes and interactive sessions and activities will explore professional and organizational change from multiple angles:

  • How do we respond to change as individuals, and what do these responses mean for our professional selves?
  • How can we nurture our own professional development in times of uncertainty?
  • How can we lead effectively through change?
  • How can we contribute to positive organizational change within the military service context?
  • What is the impact of an intergenerational workforce on change management?

The virtual conference will be a valuable, informative, and engaging experience for professionals in any discipline. Keynotes and sessions will be offered in two tracks: professional change and organizational change. Ongoing and scheduled social media activities will be available to enhance the learning experience, foster conversation, and support professional networking.

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Schedule of events:

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Tuesday, September 26

All Day: Join today’s Conversation (link will be active on day 1)

Wednesday, September 27

All Day: Join today’s Conversation (link will be active on day 2)

Thursday, September 28

All Day: Join today’s Conversation (link will be active on day 3)

Friday, September 29

All Day: Join today’s Conversation (link will be active on day 4)

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