Navigation Skills: Charting Your Course through Organizational, Social, and Cultural Change


Wednesday, September 27, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Eastern


As the old saying goes, change is a constant.  In this session, we explore the essential questions of how we understand and respond to changes in organizations, society, culture, and in our own professional lives.  Our expert panel will engage participants to share ideas and identify tools and skills to help us navigate change.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore challenges, opportunities and benefits related to the implementation of policy change in supporting military family readiness.
  • Identify opportunities to establish and deepen engagement with installation and community support providers.
  • Leverage existing tools to and resources to support military family readiness from different sources.
  • Understand the effects of past decisions in shaping choices and options for change.

About the Speakers

Judi Dekle is a retired social worker who, as an Air Force officer and then a civilian employee, supported military families for more than 23 years.

Barbara Thompson served military families for 41 years in a variety of capacities and is the recipient of the Ellen Swallow Richards Public Service Award.

How to Connect

This session will be hosted in APAN Connect. Please register for the Virtual Conference to obtain connection details. An email will be sent each day of the conference containing session login information.

Session Materials

Slides and resources will be posted here closer to the session date.

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