Internships for working with military youth programs

In the last two years, Project Y.E.S! (Youth Extension Service) has served more than 6,900 youth in programs focusing on leadership, resiliency, life skills, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Project Y.E.S! college interns receive incredible leadership and facilitation training as they serve as facilitators for youth development programs on weekends as the youth’s parents prepare for deployment.

Project Y.E.S! interns are college juniors, seniors and graduate students.  Interns work with assigned professional mentors throughout their year of service and complete career-enhancing projects.

Applications are now being accepted for these internships until February 28, 2013:

Money Monday

By Dr. Barbara O’Neill

A spouse makes an appointment for help understanding her and her husband’s credit card statement. What assistance can a Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP) staff member provide?

By showing the spouse how to read the statement, the Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP) staff member can help her see how many years it will take for her to pay off the current balance by paying only the minimum amount and how much it will cost her in interest. For a helpful fact sheet on this, refer to Advise the spouse to pay larger amounts on the card by trimming spending where possible. Even paying an additional $1 per day ($30 per month) will greatly decrease the amount owed over time.

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This post was published on the Military Families Learning Network blog on January 28, 2013.