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Family Development aims to provide professional development opportunities, online resources and information to support professionals working with military families.

We recognize that while military families may have similar needs as civilian families, they also face unique situations that can positively and negatively impact family life. Our focus connects largely to early intervention, family strengthening, family violence prevention and treatment and has targeted individuals in the mental health, family advocacy, and education fields.

Early Intervention (EI) operates within the Family Development team of the Military Families Learning Network (MFLN). The overall purpose of EI is to enhance the capacity of professionals working with military families who have young children (birth to 5 years old) with or who are at-risk for disabilities and developmental delays.

Involvement of families is critical to the growth and development of young children. We recognize that while military families may have similar needs as civilian families, they also face unique situations that can impact their ability to effectively support and care for their young children. Issues such as extended separations due to deployments, frequent transitions due to moving, and access to adequate services within and outside military installations, are a few examples of factors that professionals need to consider as they work with military families. Thus, to enhance and develop the capacity of military families to meet their young children’s needs, the EI team aims to support and enhance the skills of professionals serving these families through the creation and delivery of systematic online-based, professional development activities and resources.

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2 thoughts on “Family Development

  1. I see you have DV trainings in October at 10PM Korea time (GMT+9). What do I need to do in order to access those trainings? What can I expect? Are they video telecasts? Interactive?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Mr. Moore,

      First of all, the Military Families Learning Network is thrilled at your interest in participating in our October Domestic Violence training sessions. All of the Military Families Learning Network professional development opportunities, including webinars and virtual learning events, are free to the public to access.

      In the month of October we will host a Virtual Learning Event that consists of 4 webinar trainings sessions. The dates for the training sessions are as followed: October 8, October 15, October 22, and October 29. For additional detailed information about each webinar, please click here. Each trainings session is a live webinar where participants view a PowerPoint presentation while the presenter(s) speaks on the topic. Each session will have a live chat pod where participants can interact with the presenters via questions/comments. Following each session, there will be a continued discussion of the session on MFLN Family Development’s LinkedIn page. We look forward to your participation in our October Virtual Learning Event. Thank you so much for your interest.

      To access the webinar:

      1) Go to the webinar Learn Event Page

      2) The Learn Event page will ask you to register for the event. You can register in advance, at the start time of the webinar event, or anytime during the live webinar in order to access the event.
      **If you register in advance, make sure you mark your calendar. There will not be an email reminder of the event.

      3) After you register, there will be a location link listed on the webinar Learn Event page where the registration was originally located. This link will take you to the webinar login portal. You can find the location link in the gray box on the upper right-hand corner of the Learn Event page or listed directly under the title of the webinar on the Learn Event web page.
      **On the date of the webinar, please click on this link. The webinar portal, which will grant you access to the live webinar trainings, will open 30 minutes before the webinar begins.

      4) You will be directed to a web page title “US Department of Defense Warning Statement” when you click on the location hyperlink on the webinar Learn Event Page.
      **Click accept

      5) The next page will ask you for your first name, last name, and organization affiliation.
      **Click “Next” once you have entered your information

      6) You will then be granted access into the webinar portal.
      **Please remember, the webinar portal will only open 30 minutes before the webinar.
      **For this webinar, you can access the portal to login in at 10:30am EST. The webinar does not officially start until 11:00am EST. (In your case, being in Korea, the portal to login will open at 9:30pm GMT+9 and the webinar will officially start at 10:00pm GMT+9).

      7) Upon gaining access to the portal, you will see the webinar PowerPoint displayed in the center your screen, a list of participants present for the webinar on the top left-hand side of the screen and an active chat pod on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.
      *At this point please, sit back and enjoy the information being discussed.

      Please make sure you are logging in using either Chrome or IE for your browser. Other browsers are not highly compatible with the DCS system. If you continue experiencing difficulty, you may join via Ustream at

      Also note that a full recording will be posted to within 48 hours of each individual October training session.
      The MFLN Family Development team appreciates your interest in our webinar. We look forward to seeing you in October for our Domestic Violence Virtual Learning Event. Thank you for inquiring about participation in our webinar event.

      ~Christina Rackley Herron

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