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Professionals serving military families are faced with thousands of organizations offering an amazing array of information and services for military families; much of it available free online. Our network can help you sift through this information, with resources to learn, share, and engage with other service providers to improve your practice and ultimately improve the lives of the service members and families you serve. Here are some ways you can learn with us:

Earn a certificate of completion and/or continuing education credits.
We offer certificates of completion for many of our webinars, learning events, courses, and even some podcasts. Learn how to obtain a certificate of completion, as well as professional associations accreditations, such as NASW CEUs, Fincert, AFCPE, to name a few. Find for-credit and on-demand courses you can take today at https://campus.extension.org/course/search.php?search=mfln

Attend upcoming webinars. Find the latest listing of all MFLN upcoming webinars. View each webinar event listing for more details on registration, webinar location links, certificates of completion, and supporting resources to view and/or download.

Engage via the MFLN Blog. Join us beyond the webinar. Read stories and experiences shared by other practitioners supporting military families. Get the backstory behind the topic. Listen to interviews with expert speakers, and review key insights captured in webinar discussions.

Connect with us via social media.
Connect with the Military Families Learning Network to learn about the wide array of professional development topics MFLN offers or learn about more specific areas of interest with one of our concentration area teams today!

Listen to audio and podcasts. Connect with our concentration area teams to find audio casts on topics such as mindfulness, military families in transitions, and ways professional can support military families during times of transitions, stress, and crisis. Get the inside scoop from the experts, military families, and practitioners like you!

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