About MFLN

The Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) engages military family service providers and Cooperative Extension educators in the exchange of experiences and research to enhance professional impact and encourage professional growth. We encourage the formation and expansion of a skilled and collaborative network of professionals who support significant positive outcomes for military service members and their families.

Our work combines innovative online professional development, opportunities for social learning and sharing, and the human and experiential resources of the Cooperative Extension system.

Our teams of faculty and staff from several universities work collaboratively to encourage issue-driven, learner-centered, collaborative programming. We encourage you to meet our teams, access professional development resources, or connect on social media with our concentration areas:

Community Capacity Building
Family Development
Family Transitions
Military Caregiving
Network Literacy
Nutrition and Wellness
Personal Finance

Meet our leadership team

Our leadership team works collaboratively with our concentration area teams. Meet our leadership team to learn more about how we guide, connect, and strengthen our programming and the Military Families Learning Network.

Project Director: Kyle Kostelecky, PhD CFLE
Kyle is the PI for the MFLN and an Assistant Dean and Assistant Director for Family and Consumer Sciences at Auburn University. Kyle has been with the project since its inception and has been instrumental in the long-term success of the MFLN.

Project Leader: Sarah Baughman, PhD
Sarah is the Co-PI and project lead for the network. Sarah began her work with MFLN as the evaluation specialist and now enjoys focusing on the big picture of growing network capacity. When she’s not working she enjoys the outdoors, reading, and spending time with her family.

Program Development and Evaluation Specialist: Brigitte Scott, PhD
Brigitte leads program development, evaluation, and research for the network. She is an educator interested in qualitative research and community change, a mother of two teenage daughters, and a runner. When she’s not up to her neck in data, she loves spending time outdoors in the mountains, rivers, and lakes of Appalachia.

Social Media Strategist: Karen Jeannette
Karen Jeannette is the social media strategist for the network. She pays attention to the connectedness of the network and the role social media plays in connecting professionals to research and each other. When she is not facilitating discussions about implementing social media strategies, she is out in her garden weeding and looking for pictures that symbolize networks, connection, and growth.

Professional Development Coordinator: Coral Owen
If you attend a webinar, you’ll likely to hear Coral in the role of webinar host, inviting you to participate or providing technical support. Behind the scenes, Coral coordinates many facets of professional development programming, including scheduling coordination and planning of webinar logistics. When offline, Coral can be found adventuring outdoors with her spouse, a veteran of the US Air Force, or preparing for her next triathlon.

Communications & Marketing Specialist: Terry Meisenbach
Terry develops and assists in monitoring an overall MFLN communication efforts to outline goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, and messaging for all components of the MFLN. He works closely with MFLN Social Media Strategist, providing input on training for concentration area social media specialists on audience, messaging, and related topics.

Educational Technologist & eLearning Specialist: Jennifer Chilek
Jen works with MFLN concentration area teams to utilize technology to its fullest educational potential. To that end, she looks for ways to incorporate interactivity and utilize visual elements in webinars and other educational programming to best reach and impact our audience. Jen has 20 years experience in distance education, marketing communications, and IT training and consulting.

6 thoughts on “About MFLN

  1. I’m looking ta join other military families, my daughter is an active soldier station in fort sill Oklahoma, pvt Jenkins E3.

    1. Hi Wanda,
      Are you wanting to connect with families at Fort Sills or Army families in general? Here are some links that will get you started.

      Here is the Facebook page for Fort Sill- many families connect through social media.

      Here is the webpage for Fort Sill’s Family Programs – programs and events for service members and their families.

      Family Readiness Support Assistant at Fort Sill – if you have specific questions or concerns.
      30th ADA BDE FRSA
      Lisa Villarreal-Hughes
      Office: 580-442-3541
      Cell: 580-917-4294
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/30thAdaBdeFrsa?ref=hl

      Thank you for supporting your service member! Let us know if we can be of more help to you!

      1. I took the course on-line for my CEU 1.5. (Predatory Lending Practices & How to Avoid Them). I type in my name and e-mail address which was my military e-mail and the certificate will not appear on this site. I would like to use my personal e-mail [edited for privacy reasons] and hopefully I can received my certificate.

        Thank you,


        1. Thank you for your reply, Donna. We’ll have our MFLN Personal Finance team (fsawebinars@gmail.com) get back to you about your certificate.

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